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unsecure ROM problem for QB8 controller

Discussion created by Rahul Bhaskarwar on Aug 31, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2006 by Alban Rampon
Hi, I am using MC68HC908QB8 controller for my project. I have a PE Mono08 multilink USB interface (RevD) for programming the target. I am using Code warrior Development studio ver 5.7.0 for compiling and linking.
I tried to connect the Target using this tool, I get an pop-up asking to Erase and Program the flash. When I click 'OK', the window which shows that the 'Erasure of secure device done'. But an error message is shown which says that the '68HC08 device responded properly, but ROM secure'. I have attached the error message for reference.
Can you suggest how to unsecure the ROM? Is there any utility for this? Earlier I used MC9s12C32 controlIer where I faced a similar problem. But I found an 'Unsecure utility' which helped me sort out this issue. Is there any utlity for HC08 family also?
Please let me know.
Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Bhaskarwar.