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MC13192 and busy channel

Question asked by Gianluca Suzzi on Aug 4, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2006 by Bill Shaw
Hi evryone,
i'm using an MC13192 for ZigBee application and i find out some problems when more of one divice is in trasmission mode. There are collision and nothing is received from the receiver device.
Then i try to find out in wich way i could test the channel before a transmission to check if it is busy or not.

I think the register 0x24 do the job through CCA bit.

In code worrior i use this code tring to read the state of CCA bit but without success: register 24 is always 0x0000.

Here it is the code:

UINT16 reg24;
SPIDrvWrite(0x06,0x0411); //I set the CCA mode
SPIDrvWrite(0x04,0x058D); //I set a very low treeshold: 0x05


for( ;; ){
reg24 = SPIDrvRead( 0x24 ); //I read to infinite the register while
} //another device is transmitting to infinite
//on the same channel

Is this the right way to testing if a channel is busy?
Can anybody help me?


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