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adc sync from pwm - bug? - ADC sync on 56F8013

Discussion created by dg1yds dg1yds on Jul 31, 2006
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I want to sync the adc from pwm with a timer trigger source.

Since I have updated to CW 7.3 I get the following error message after configuring the beans.

+ERROR: The 'PWM' would be selected in TMR channel 3 input item of the TMR4 or CPU bean because of synchronization from PWM device.
+ERROR: There are errors in this bean, it is impossible to generate code

What`s wrong?

At the moment I am triggering the adc with a timer. But I think it works irregular. The adc do not sample with always the same interval.

What`s the trick to get samples from the adc in always the same interval?

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