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Freescale equivelant to AVR ATtiny2313

Discussion created by Rich Thompson on Jun 14, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2006 by Rich Thompson
I find the freescale product selector guides very confusing, is it just me? :smileywink:  I am trying to find a freescale part similar to an AVR ATtiny2313.  The important parts are cheap, 5V operation and at least 13 GPIO lines in a DIP style package that is in circuit programmable/debug-able preferably using the USB BDM pod rather than the multilinker/cyclone aproach which I find infuriating on the QT4.  Is there such a beast ?  oh, no need for AD etc though PWM would be nice as would a small eeprom for storing settings > 10000 times.  Are there any better selection guides for the freescale 8bit parts, they don't appear to be able to filter by 5V or IO as a primary search, seems like trial and error. 
Thanks for your time