Manjunath Chandrashekar

how to setup Interrupt handler for UART0 for MCF5282 ColdFire Processor?

Discussion created by Manjunath Chandrashekar on Apr 26, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2006 by Trevor Switkowski
Hello All,
i am currently using MCF5282LITE EVB board and CodeWarrior IDE(Evaluation version) for development and debugging.
I am trying to use UART0 module in the interrupt mode:
I have configured the ICR and IMR as per the info given in User's manual and
I am calling the below function in my application
setup_handler(64 + 13);//For UART0 , 13 being the vector number for UART0,
but the interrupt is not getting invoked, i don't know what's wrong with my code.
void setup_handler(unsigned short vec_index)
 unsigned long **autovector = (unsigned long **)0x20000000;  // The Vector Base Address 
 *(autovector + vec_index)  = (unsigned long *) &SCI1_tx_ISR; 
Actually i am using vector.s, int_handlers.c files for handling interrupts,
can you guide me how to go about it, Guide me what are all the include files
from Freescale i should use to develop my code.
if i get those include files to be used, it would be helpful.