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Query related to ISR - MCF5282 Coldfire

Discussion created by Manjunath Chandrashekar on Apr 24, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2006 by Manjunath Chandrashekar
I am writing Interrupt service routine to handle UART0 interrupt,
i want to know how i can map my ISR into the interrupt vector table, so that
when UART0 interrupt occurs it should execute my ISR.
Can anybody suggest me what are all the things i should configure for this
(i.e enabling/disabling some bits in SFR's and the files involved to do this like vector.s and so on),
I went thro' the Users manual of MCF5282, but i am little bit confused about
configuring my routine,
If there's any example about ISR mapping to Vector table it would be helpful.
Manjunath Chandrashekar