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Error while writing in to MC9S12NE65 Internal Flash

Discussion created by Kalyan Kumar Penujeevi on Apr 21, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2006 by Jeff Smith
Hi all,
i'm currently working with MC9S12NE64 processor. facing some tipical problem while accessing the internal flash of the processor.
i'm getting some one/two bytes of error writes when i'm writing in to the internal flash. i'm using the software that is provided in AN2720.
the problem that i'm facing is some what stringent. since our product has already completed the development phase and right now in testing phase, we have fabricated quite a number of boards with this processor.
as part of the testing of the functionality of the product, we do test the internal flash. in some processors, i'm getting couple of errornous reads after writing to the internal flash.
is this a known scenario? in the sense, will it happen that some of the processors fail to restore the data that is stored in the internal flash after power cycle???
or there is some bug in the software that is given in the application AN2720!!
i dont suspect the processor, since if the flash is corrupted, this will lead to many errors in the real- time.
some one please guide me regarding the same.
Thanks and regards,
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