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A new problem on using OpenSourceBDM

Question asked by lemontic lemon on Apr 15, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2006 by huang guojun
 Several days ago, CrasyCat offers a new License.dat of "CW5.0 for 08 SE", then OpenSourceBDM can write FLASH of target MCU. Thanks a lot for CrazyCat.:smileyvery-happy:
 Now, I happened a new problem on using OSBDM. My procedure is below:
 1. Connect a MCU which has a blank FLASH to OSBDM; Run Hiwave 5.0 for 08;
 2. "set gdi", then Hiwave can read target's FLASH, obviously, it's blank. And I can reset target too.
 3. "Load...", I download  a *.s19 file to target FLASH, it's OK! Then in Memory Window of Hiwave, we can read bytes in target FLASH. And, the target MCU can run correctly!
 4. When I connect the above target MCU to OSBDM again, some error happened. I can't erase target MCU's FLASH, FLASH operation error message is "flash module is bad or protected.":smileysad:
 5. Then I unsecure the target FLASH follow the "ReadMe_unsecure.txt" file. After several seconds, "Command Windows" show that "done,...". Maybe, the target have been unsecured. But, in fact, the "4. " error happened again...
 So, is anyone can solve the problem? If my procedure is fault?

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