Marno Friebe

CW 56800/E V 7.2

Discussion created by Marno Friebe on Mar 24, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2006 by André Bueno
Hello CW's,
I'm triying to setup a demo for a customer with the boards APMOTOR568000 and the DEMO56F8013, the JTAG-DSP interface AXM-0337 and the above mentioned CW revision using the bdlc_hall_pesl.mcp project.
After installation and first start I got the message from the wWindows system tray: CodeWarrior: "parallel port open failed (invalid port number?)" Seems to come from the Parallel Port Init program in the startup folder.
When try to start the debugger I get the message: CCSProtocolPlugin: "Unknown protocol error" but I think this comes from above.
Any good ideas?