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MC9S08DZ128 Bootloader

Question asked by Scott Miller on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Scott Miller

Hi, I have application code already written for this processor, but I am having a hard time implimenting the bootloader.from AN2295.


My understanding of the flow is this: open hc08sprg-s08dz128.mcp in Codewarrior, build, and program to target using BDM.  Run hp08sprg.exe, and load user .s19 file to target.  Done


I can do all that sucessfully.  However, I cannot seem to run the user code (properly) on the target (no indication of it doing anything).  I cannot communicate serially with HyperTerminal (my normal way to communicate), and there are none of the usual LEDs flashing that I set up in software).  In addition, before programming the target with the user binary, it tells me that the source is bigger than the memory at address 0x3C00 (the start of the EEPROM area).  Obviously I don't want to program to the EEPROM area (my user code actually uses the EEPROM as NVROM).


Basically, the bootloader program doesn't seem to be putting the user file in the correct flash location, and I don't see why from looking at the prm or inc files.  Any pointers on how to proceed would be much appreciated.