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Linker/Burner Problem??

Question asked by sebasira on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2012 by kef

I've got a problem here... It's hard for me to describe it with words, and I guess images do it better.



I place a BREAKPOINT at certain function, in the ASSEMBLY window of HiWave, I can see that the code to be executed is BGND... but I generate a list file and I can see that's not really the code...


Here's what I see on the list file (just a part of it)

   95:    /* RECEPCIONES DESDE LA PC */   96:    /***************************/   97:      void SCI_CENTRAL_PCRx (void){ 0000 1b9b         [2]     LEAS  -5,SP   98:        byte N, dato, fin1, fin2;   99:        byte* GETptr;  100:          101:        if (BAX_SCI_CENTRAL.Rx_cnt > 0){  0002 f60000       [3]     LDAB  BAX_SCI_CENTRAL:258  0005 2770         [3/1]   BEQ   *+114 ;abs = 0077  102:          AIR_saveTxPUTptr();   0007 4a000000     [7]     CALL  AIR_saveTxPUTptr,PAGE(AIR_saveTxPUTptr)  103:            104:          GETptr = BAX_SCI_CENTRAL.RxGPA[BAX_SCI_CENTRAL.RxGPA_GETidx];  000b f60000       [3]     LDAB  BAX_SCI_CENTRAL:251  000e 87           [1]     CLRA    000f 59           [1]     LSLD    0010 b745         [1]     TFR   D,X  0012 ece20000     [4]     LDD   BAX_SCI_CENTRAL:231,X  0016 6c82         [2]     STD   2,SP


and I've attached and Image of HiWave where you can see that the only part of the code that match is the higlighted line.



Any clues?? This never happend to me. I'm using MC9S12A256B and CW 4.6


Thanks in advance!!!