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Coldfire V1 (MCF51MM128) & Reset

Discussion created by Eric_t d on Aug 23, 2012
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I have started my very first project with Coldfire V1 (MCF51MM128) and Codewarrior v10.2.

My project works OK when the debugger is connected (Pemicro Multilink Universal). 

When I disconnect the debugger, the controller does not start. 


Here is my steps:


          1. I am connecting the debugger. 

          2. I am building the project.

          3. I am pressing the debug button.

          4. I am pressing the RUN to line button.

          5. The program runs (the led is blinking).


          6. I am disconnecting the power supply.

          7. I am disconnecting the debugger.

          8. I am connecting the power supply.

          9. The program does not run (the led is off). 

Had anyone faced the same problem?