Seth Wilhelm

CodeWarrior DS for PA v10.1.2 - Service Pack for Linux Build

Discussion created by Seth Wilhelm on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by Alexandru Popa

Where can I find the service pack for CodeWarrior to add support for the Linux build tools for the e500v2 core?  This is referenced in the v10.1.2 release notes as "Service Pack GccE500v2Linux" for the cross tool "powerpc-unknown-Linux-gnuspe (gcc-4.6.2-XMe500v2-linuxspe).


I am working on an offline machine and I am unable to use the "FSL PA Update Site" from within CodeWarrior. 


The CodeWarrior Help states the following:

The current release does not include Linux tool chains by default.  To add the required Linux build tool support, you should install the corresponding service pack for the required target.  For more information on installing service packs, refer to the Service Pack Updater Quickstart available in the <codeWarrior-Install-Dir>\PA\ folder.


The "Service Pack Update Quickstart.pdf" list the CodeWarrior DS v10 for PA URL for the place to download patches or updates.  Currently the CodeWarrior for PA downloads page (link given below) only list Service Pack 2 for v10.1.2.  SP2 for v10.1.2 does not add support for linux tool chain according to its release notes.


I am confused on where else to look for the Linux Tool Chain Service Pack and my searches using keywords from the v10.1.2 release notes of the freescale site only turn up the release notes.