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unable to debug in my MCU (kenetis k53 )

Question asked by wilson garil on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by Martin Kojtal

Hi dear all

im using the kenetis mcu since few month, testing, implementing on the K53 demo board tower.

On my board, i m using exactly the same mcu like the one on the demo board, it is some how a part of copy paste of the k53 tower board ( the same ext xtal, the same rtc xtal at the same port etc...)

i did this because i wanted so much i possible to avoid problems ( not much change in the bsp etc..) so i m using the bsp of the k53twr by deactivating in the config file some unsued components in order to make tests on my personal board.

the building of the project is working well, download in the mcu ok, but when it able to debug code warrior display a this message "no source available for "0xFFFFFFFE(0xFFFFFFFE)()", so it is completly at a deffrent range of memory. i did not change the linker file, the setting used on my personal board works on the demo board(k53twr) that has the same mcu, the defference between them is the temperature range.

mcu part (MK53DN512ZCLQ10)
144 pins
100 MHZ
512 KB

i set a breakpoint in the int_hw.c to see what is happening, it stop at the target breakoint afer stepping this block:


it display again the above message
"no source available for "0xFFFFFFFE(0xFFFFFFFE)()"

there are some needed configuration to do? what i m doing wrong
can you please advice me??


win 7

cw 10.2

mqx 3.8

Use for the debugging "MULTILINK FX" 3,3v configuration


thx in advance