How to change the phase of the PWM output

Discussion created by THELAM NGUYEN on May 6, 2012
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Hello all,


I'm designing a single phase inverter using Freescale MCU, everything is working OK. Now I want to do one step further by connecting 2 separate inverters in parallel to share the load. With this configuration, I'd like to monitor the power deliver to the load by each inverter and then control them to share the load evenly. In order to do this,  outputs of the inverters must have the same phase, frequency, and magnitude. I think I don't have problem with the frequency or magnitude but phase where I got stuck. I think this has been done by someone before already. Thus, I have one question here:

How do I change the phase of my PWM signal? Is there any way to play with PWM phase. I know we can change the frequency but I could not find anything about the phase.

Any inputs, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance all.


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