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CW10.2 MC9s08PT60 interrupts don't work

Question asked by Denis Dall'O' on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by jorge plascencia

My problem is that interrupts don't work correctly.
I use CW 10.2 and the new micro 9s08PT60.
My interrupt function is:

interrupt VectorNumber_Vmtim1 void Vmtim1_ISR(void)
    MTIM1_SC_TRST = TRUE;        //    Interrupt flag reset
    PORT_PTED ^= 0x01;

After 2/3 times PTE0 changes status, the micro is reset.
Watchdog is disabled.
I tried with another interrupts, with #pragma TRAP_PROC, with "Interrupt vector table", but the result is the same.
Any idea?