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Task-aware debugging fix

Question asked by Aaron Linsdau on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2012 by Martin Kojtal



What is the configuration difference between the hello and hello2 projects in MQX 3.8?  As a default, "hello2" has task aware debugging (TAD) enabled and "hello" does not.


Both projects have Run->Debug Configurations->Codewarrior Download->"project name"->Debugger Tab->OS Awareness->Target OS: "MQX OS for Cortex" selected.  What other settings have to be changed to enable the TAD?  I'm running on the K40 tower.


I have a valid professional license.  I've run into this problem with other projects, too.  Even though the project has OS Awareness enabled, the TAD refuses to work.  Attached are the projects from the /examples directory.