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Achieving max ADC sampling rate on the K60

Question asked by Bernard Seller on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by Jeremy Hubbard

I am trying to achieve the maximum sampling rate of 818.330 ksps for the K60

the "K60P144M100SF2 K60 Sub-Family Data Sheet" state that this is for the following conditions

  • ≤ 13 bit modes
  • No ADC hardware averaging
  • Continuous conversions enabled, subsequent conversion time

so I have 2 questions

1) Could you point me to a reference explaining clearly what the ADC continuous mode is?
    - trigger once and then it keeps going, generating an interrupt after each measurement is complete ? no hw average
    - how do you stop it?
    - if you start 2 channels at the same time, will the measurements stay "synchronized"?
    - ...   

2) Do you have a sample project that shows how to achieve this sampling rate?