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Using COM API with HiWave Debugger

Question asked by Jerry Girard on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by CrasyCat

This is going to be a very difficult question to answer...


I have two version of CodeWarrior installed.  One that I use for legacy programs and one for a new HCS08 program.


I have V4.6 and V6.3.


I have developed Matlab/Simulink tools that use the COM API to aid in the debugging of Stateflow charts.  The tools use the COM API calls to control the debugger.  The tools were originally developed using the V4.6 CodeWarrior for HCS12.  When I run the tools and create a COM object within Matlab, it would create an instance of the V4.6 debugger.


Now, since I have recently installed the V6.3 CodeWarrior, when I run the tools to create the COM object, it wants to create an instance of V6.3 of the debugger.  For some reason, the tools are not working with the V6.3 debugger because it is setup for HSC08.  The V4.6 debugger is setup for HCS12.


Here is a snippet of my MatLab code that creates the instance:


  % Constant definitions

  HiWave_Path = 'j:\out\';

  HiWave_Project = 'project.ini';

  HiWave_Source = 'JLR_PEPS_KVM.abs';


  % Declare access to global variables

  global HiWave;


  HiWave = actxserver('Metrowerks.Hiwave');


  if (strcmp(class(HiWave), 'COM.Metrowerks_Hiwave'))

    % Load the defined project

    HiWave_Result = HiWave.ExecuteCmdRes(['OPENPROJECT ', HiWave_Path, HiWave_Project]);




Is there a way to instruct which version of the debugger that the COM object creates?

Is there a way to get the HSC08 debugger to work with HSC12?  It seems like it returns errors about missing library files, etc.