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Who is responsible for setting the security byte?

Discussion created by Anders Johansson on Jan 24, 2012
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Working with a S12X bootloader I notice that erasure will

also erase the security byte at 0xFF0F, thus securing the device.


This byte is normally set to 0xFE after programming with a programmer

such as the USB-Mulitilink or the Cyclone Pro.

The byte is not included in the S19 file,

so my bootloader will need to take care of this silently while programming.


Is the above a correct description of how this works?


Is it correct to to write the security byte as I describe?

Or, should it be included in the S19 file in the first place,

which to me seems to be the correct way of doing this.


Can CodeWarrior be instructed to include the security byte in the S19 file,

or do I need to provide it myself in my source code?

What would be the correct way of ensuring a value is written to a explicit address

such as writing 0xFE to the security byte location at 0xFF0F?



Anders J