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Freescale USB Stack v3.1.1 in K20

Question asked by Kari Piipponen on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by Kari Piipponen

Hi all,


I have a custom board with PK20512VMD100. I am tryig to make a virtual com port using the Freescale USB stack and the CDC example. Can anyone give instructions what are the steps to succesfully make the stack port? I use IAR EW 6.3 and Freescale USB Stack v3.1.1 and J-link lite to debug.


The application works just fine in my K60 tower and the com port appers to my windows xp (after installing the windows driver), but when I try to run it on K20: it compiles and I can run the application in the debugger in both RAM or FLASH. In the hardware the D+ line pull-up happens to indicate full-speed device, but the enumeration does not work. Windows claims a maltfunctioned USB device (so it´s not entirely dead..)


Changes I have made to the example:


1. Included the header file for K20

2. Checked all platform dependent code and deleted all I can (e.g GPIO_Init(), still works in K60)

3. Checked the hardware a million times


I have not found a specific linker file for K20. I use the linker file for K60. Should I modify that?