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Add a cluster in a endpoint

Question asked by Vincent Perrouin on Jan 4, 2012
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Im currently using the MC1322x kit of Freescale based on a ARM7. I am using the sensor Node and the network node. One of the aim of the project is to make the nodes communicate via the zigbee protocol to exchange the data of the 3 axis accelerometer sensor (from the sensor node) and send an alarm when a value is matched.

I am using the Beestack provided by Beekit (freescale software). I based the solution on a "Generic App" (accelerometer) and I add 2 clusters to this endpoint on the both Beestack's board:

-1 cluster Alarm ID : 0x0009 INPUT mandatory

-1 cluster Alarm ID : 0x0009 OUTPUT mandatory


I upload the solution to the IAR IDE and download it to the boards. But to verify if all the clusters have been add, I checked the EndPointConfig.c  file and the clusters have been well added : 


const uint8_t Endpoint1_InputClusterList[4] = {  0x1, 0x0,  /* setpoint */  0x9, 0x0  /* Alarms */};const uint8_t Endpoint1_OutputClusterList[4] = {  0x1, 0x0,  /* setpoint */  0x9, 0x0  /* Alarms */};

 Then I checked the BeeAppInit() function in the BeeApp.c file, but unfortunately, this line : 

  /* what cluster to use */  Copy2Bytes(appDataCluster, endPointList[0].pEndpointDesc->pSimpleDesc->pAppInClusterList);

 shows me that all the cluster are not in the appDataCluster; in fact only the first cluster ID (0x01) is contained in  the variable. (appDataCluster[0]=0x01 and appDataCluster[1]=0x00)


Is it the right way to add cluster in a endpoints ? Why I obtain those results ?

Thank you for your help,




Vincent P.