eSOMiMX6 (NXP IMX6 SOM) based M2M Solution for Cell Phone Tower Performance Monitoring

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eSOMiMX6 (NXP IMX6 SOM) based M2M Solution for Cell Phone Tower Performance Monitoring

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eSOMiMX6 (NXP IMX6 SOM) based M2M Solution for Cell Phone Tower Performance Monitoring

e-con Systems designed & implemented a reliable Machine to Machine (M2M) solution for mobile phone tower monitoring based on eSOMiMX6, an NXP-Freescale iMX6 SOM. Read further to know the challenges faced and how the team executed the system.


M2M Solution for Cellphone Tower Monitoring

Customer Requirement:

  • System to monitor several parameters such as, temperature, smoke, power source, door open, diesel level etc. in the cell phone tower and remotely monitor them through cloud.
  • The system should monitor and raise alarm when the values exceeded the threshold limit; it should send a text message to the authorities.


  • The main challenge in designing the system started with the electrical & electronics and high noise with ESD & EMI signals.
  • It was very important to design the system in such a way that it could interact with the sensors and at the same time, should not be affected by radiated or conducted electromagnetic disturbance.
  • The system cable faced high ESD & EFT injections & the temperature had to be maintained under 25° to power up the system.


  • e-con Systems designed an architecture based on eSOMiMX6 system on modules that is highly reliable.
  • The system was proposed to extract the information about the tower & communicate the same with cloud.
  • Amazon cloud based web services was used on the cloud side to monitor various parameters & to send the alerts.
  • Base board implemented with eSOMiMX6 interacted with all sensors, collected the information and same would be transmitted via a GPRS unit or Ethernet or wireless unit.
  • Depending on the availability, system selected one path & EMI/EMC/ESD events protected the path of information collection.
  • Power saving modes was designed keeping in mind product power consumption & the total power used when running in diesel generator.
  • The product was tested in-house with simulated tower environment for 2 weeks (24/7) continuously. All issues were identified and addressed.
  • e-con Systems worked with the customers at all levels to get the necessary certification approval.


Customer is now successfully selling the robust product in the market. The tower monitoring business is now highly profitable as breakdowns were brought down to nearly zero

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