System PMIC for i.MX6 (including Quad)

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System PMIC for i.MX6 (including Quad)

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System PMIC for i.MX6 (including Quad)

The DA9063 from Dialog Semiconductors is a powerful system PMIC for the next generation of single, dual and quad-core application processors based on the ARM Cortex™ A9 and A15 architecture. The PMIC follows a scalable approach of output currents and rails to supply the entire system and is capable of delivering a total of up to 12A from its six DC-DC converters.

The DA9063 simultaneously powers the processor (the core at up to 5A), external memory, wireless communications (WLAN and Bluetooth), GPS and FM receivers, and data modems.  The DC-DC converters can be paralleled to provide 3A and 5A rails.


DA9063 is a high current system PMIC suitable for Single, Dual and Quad-core processors used in smartphones, tablets and other handhelds applications that require up to a 5A core processor supply.

There are multiple operating modes, five consuming <20μA including a 1.5μA RTC mode with alarm & wake up. A system monitor watchdog is enabled in Active mode.

DA9063 contains 6x DC-DC Buck converters designed to use small external 1µH inductors capable of supplying in total up to 12A continuous output (0.3-3.3V).

11x SmartMirror™ programmable LDO regulators rated up to 300mA. All support remote capacitor placement and operate from low 1.5/1.8V input supply; this allows the linear regulators to be cascaded with a suitable buck supply to improve overall system efficiency. A number of LDOs can be configured as current limited bypass-switches to support external peripherals such as external accessory or memory cards.

The Buck converters do not require external Schottky diodes, they dynamically optimise their efficiency depending on the load current using an Automatic Sleep Mode (ASM). They incorporate pin and s/w controlled Dynamic Voltage Control (DVC) to support processor load adaptive adjustment of the supply voltage.

Processor core leakage reduction can be achieved using external FET switches driven by the rail switch controllers for ultra-fast power domain switching.

The DA9063 provides a startup sequencing engine that offers autonomous hardware and software controlled system start-up. Customisable power modes  can also be configured using “Power Commander,” Dialog’s powerful graphical user interface. The ON-key feature detects the button press time and offers configurable key-lock and application shut-down functions. Up to 16 free configurable GPIO pins are able to perform system functions including keypad supervision, application wake-up and timing controlled enable of external regulators/power switches or other ICs.

A 10-bit ADC supports voltage and temperature supervision from general purpose inputs including automatic interrupt from comparators and resistor measurement.  Three RGB-LED driver pins are provided with PWM control. LDO8 may be configured as a 6-bit PWM controlled vibration motor driver with automatic battery voltage correction.


  • Input supply voltage range up to 5.5v
  • 6 DC-DC Buck Converters with Dynamic Voltage control
    • 2.5A  Buck
    • 2.5A  Buck
    • 2.5A  Buck
    • 1.5A  Buck
    • 1.5A  Buck
    • 1.5A  Buck
  • 3MHz Switching Frequency
  • Enables use of  1.0mm high inductors
  • Integrated Power Switches
  • 11 LDO Regulators with programmable Output
    • 3 low noise LDOs
    • 4 with Dynamic Voltage Control
    • 5 with current limited Switch option
  • Fast controller for 2 Rail Switches
  • Ultra low power 1.5µA Real-Time Clock with alarm, oscillator circuitry with crystal frequency adjustment and controlled signal provision
  • Power Manager with programmable Start-up of internal and external regulators/rail switches and configurable low power modes
  • Support of multiple master applications via two independent Control Interfaces
  • System Monitor including Watchdog Timer
  • Up to 16 free configurable GPIO Pins enable system control from DA9063 while the application is in standby
  • RGB-LED driver (PWM) with autonomous flashing
  • PWM vibration motor driver
  • 10-Bit ADC with 9 Channels and configurable alarm thresholds
  • Regulator Supervision with automatic under and over voltage protection
  • Coin Cell/Super-Capacitor Backup Charger     
  • -40 to +85°C Temperature range
  • 100VFBGA 8.0x8.0x1.0mm (0.8mm pitch) package

Block Diagram DA9063:

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