Where is the eFuse for the full 1024k of FlexRAM on an i.MX RT 1060?

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Where is the eFuse for the full 1024k of FlexRAM on an i.MX RT 1060?

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When blowing an efuse on the i.MX RT1060 for reconfiguration of the flexram banks, only 512k/1024k are visible.

When blowing the fuses, similar to the i.MX RT1050, only 512k of DTCM, ITCM, and ORAM are able to be reconfigured with the eFuse.

In the MCU Boot Utility tool, "conf0"  contains a drop-down to reconfigure 512k of the 1m of SRAM.
What efuse can I program to reconfigure the remaining 512k of sram on the 1060?

Referring to https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/nxp/application-notes/AN12238.pdf  (i.MX RT Flashloader Use Case), only the 1050 FlexRAM bank table is available. 

For this application, a program is linked to RAM and put into the ITC. It is bigger than the standard default ITCm size. So, it needs to be reconfigured (to have a larger itcm) before booting. As such, an eFuse needs to be blown to reconfigure the default partition. Conf0 shows 512k of FlexRAM.


  1.  Where is the eFuse for the missing 512k of FlexRAM?
  2. Can the FlexRAM still be reconfigured in startup after an eFuse is blown?

This is the table for "Conf0". Inside which, "Default_FlexRAM_Partition" can be programmed. 




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Dustin,


In i.MX RT1060 you can only configure 512 KB of on-chip RAM. Please check the below text extracted from datasheet.

The i.MX RT1060 processor has 1 MB on-chip RAM. 512 KB can be flexibly configured as TCM or general purpose on-chip RAM, while the other 512 KB is general-purpose on-chip RAM.

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