Using LVDS touch display via a LVDS to RGB converter with IMXRT1060

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Using LVDS touch display via a LVDS to RGB converter with IMXRT1060

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Hi guys,

I'm using the IMXRT1062 MCU and I need to connect a 10inch display. Displays of this size with RGB interface are very uncommon and difficult to find, while displays with LVDS interface are highly available.

My questions are the following:

1) Can I use the SN65LVDS93A IC from TI to convert the RGB signals from the IMXRT1062 to LVDS signaling, so an LVDS display could be used? (datasheet is attached)
2) Do you have a reference schematic where a RGB to LVDS converter (like SN65LVDS93A or similar) is used with I.MXRT or other similar processor?

3) Can you please tell me if the display (NHD-10.1-1024600AF-LSXV#-CTP) whose datasheet is attached, can be used with the I.MXRT1062 via the SN65LVDS93A?

4) Can I still use the I2C interface for capacitive touch panel?

Thank you very much,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Patricio,


1. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this TI device, it seems correct to me but I would confirm this with TI directly.

2. No, we do not have schematic using RGB to LVDS converter.

3. This is an LVDS display, this means it will depend on the converter to work. Therefore I cannot guarantee the functionality of the TI device.

4. Yes, you can use I2C module to communicate with any compatible device.


Best regards,


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