Google Voice Assistant Support for i.MX RT106x

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Google Voice Assistant Support for i.MX RT106x

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Hi, NXP technical support.

We would like to make a smart speaker that could support both Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant by switching the firmware through an OTA update.

We have tried to look around to find such a solution and finally came across the topic posted in the NXP forum back in 2018 refer to this link ( The NXP solutions team stated that they have already started working on i.MX RT based solution for an Alexa and Google Assistant. For now, we can see only i.MX RT106x (SLN-ALEXA-IOT) solution for Alexa SDK.

So would it be possible to implement Google Voice Assistant (GVA) on i.MX RT audio Devkits? And if it is possible, could you please provide the solution as well as the SDK based on the same audio Deviket for Alexa?

Looking for your reply and thank you in advance.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Rivers,

   Today, I help you check with our internal expert, now we just support Amazon Alexa, no Google Voice, your mentioned post, after that time, that solution didn't proceed, so, now, we just provide Alexa.

  About the kit, we recommend you use the SLN-Alexa-IOT board, and the SDK can be downloaded from this link:

Wish it helps you!

Best Regards,


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