FlexRAM reallocate code error

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FlexRAM reallocate code error

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I'm having problem to configure the FlexRAM in MIMXRT1021DAG4A, based on AN12077 Rev 2


I have modified memory as per requirement but facing compilation error in reallocate code. Earlier i tried to as mention in AN12077 Rev 2 doc but in that some instruction error comes like MOV32 and so on.

Please see below error


Workspace is attached.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Reallocating the flexram has to be done before the flexram is initialized, it's recommended that you do this on the ResetISR that you will find on the startup file of the SDK examples. Where are you reallocating the flexram? 

Keep in mind that you need to reserve at least 64KB of OCRAM for the ROM bootloader. 

A proper way to achieve this on MCUXpresso IDE would be with the following code at the beginning of the ResetISR. 

    __asm (".syntax unified\n"

            "LDR     R0, =0x400ac044\n"

            "LDR     R1, = PUT YOUR BANK CONFIGURATION HERE\n"//FlexRAM configuration

            "STR     R1,[R0]\n"

            "LDR     R0,=0x400ac040\n"

            "LDR     R1,=0x04\n"

            "LDR     R3,[R0]\n"

            "ORR     R2,R1,R3\n"

            "STR     R2,[R0]\n"

    ".syntax divided\n");

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