AES128 CBC example using DCP and OCOTP key

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AES128 CBC example using DCP and OCOTP key

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I'm working on a i.MX RT1052.

I'm trying to run AES128CBC SDK EXAMPLE using DCP and OTP key (SW_GP2) as key, to do this i set DCP_TEST_USE_OTP_KEY to 1 in dcp.c file(from SDK example) and for testing i've written only the first word(32 bit bank 0 bank 5 word 1) of SW_GP2[127:0].

Why when i try to run the software on target the key read from DCP is always 0 ? (I've already check if correctly fused and are ok!) seems that DCP doesn't load the fused key in it's internal memory.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Customer need to call MCUXpresso SDK provided ocopt driver API function to program OTP fuses.

The OTP fuses default value is 0, the behavior showed OTP key is not programmed.

Customer could refer MCUXpresso [ocotp] demo about how to write data to Fuse map.

Thanks for the attention.

Have a great day,

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