problem with imxcompositor-g2d

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problem with imxcompositor-g2d

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hello community,

i am using imx8mp and I am trying to display an overlay on top of a video. The overlay is sent to the buffer in appsrc. When my pipeline is just the video source -> queue1-> imxcompositor -> sink then I’m getting 60fps. I added appsrc to the pipeline in the form appsrc -> queue2 -> imxcompositor and the compositor goes to the same sink as the videoSrc flow. When I add appsrc to the pipeline but don’t push up a buffer to it with g_signal_emit_by_name(appsrc, "push-buffer", overlayBuffer, &ret), it drops to 30fps. When I start pushing buffers to the appsrc the framerate drops to 8 – 15 fps. The appsrc I’m using includes a format capability set to “BGRA”, I noticed that when I removed the capability, the framerate increased to 60fps but I’m unable to send data to the buffer in that scenario. The video source I’m using is v4l2src, the compositor is imxcompositor_g2d, and the sink is waylandsink.

For my application it is critical to maintain 60fpg video frame rate 

Any comment will be appreciated



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I have already mailed to you, pls check it

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