i.Mx7D audio issue

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i.Mx7D audio issue

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Dear NXP team, 

We are using i.Mx7D processor running with 5.10 v kernel for one of our custom product. We are trying to interface TLV320AIC3110 codec with a Freescale iMX7D processor. We have used tlv320aic31xx as the driver             file. But we could not find the required platform interface file imx-tlv320aic31xx so we have used generic driver "simple-card.c" file. We are getting 24MHz at codec MCLK, but not able to hear any audio output from                   speaker and we are not observing any error for "aply" command output is attached below. I am attaching my device tree changes also.
       Please provide your input on this issue.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You could download the i.MX Reference Manual which talk about all the drivers support in kernel.



i.MX Linux Reference Manual​


You could take the imx-wm8960 for reference.

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