i.MX8Nano EVK RPMsg between M7 and A53 core.

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i.MX8Nano EVK RPMsg between M7 and A53 core.

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I am trying to execute the multicore examples in the MCUExpresso SDK. I want to use RPMsg for high speed communication applications. My goal is for the M7 core to be the master and the A53 core wakes up/boots from the M7. I want to run an Android OS for the A53 core and a FreeRTOS on the M7. A couple of questions:

1. Are the examples in the SDK built for communication with a Linux core?

2. Can someone let me know the steps that need to be followed to execute these examples on the Android core?

3. While executing the examples on the M7 core, I get the desirable output on the UART for the M7. And I let my Android system then boot up. I am not able to see any further messages on either UARTs after Android boot is complete. Am I running the application correctly?


Anurag Doshi

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Anurag,

For the tests you can play with RPMsg test program included into unit-test of our Linux.
Please refer to chapter 2.8.5 "Running i.MX RPMsg Test Programs" of 2.8.5 of i.MX Linux Reference Manual.


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