i.MX8 family running deep embedded RTOS

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i.MX8 family running deep embedded RTOS

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Hello, we are looking into using i.MX8 family processors in future medical devices. The products will need great processing power and it is a requirement to have USB 3.0 host support - thus we are looking at i.MX8m or possibly i.MX8X.

Our company is not interested in investing into using Linux at this time if that can be avoided, in favor of a deep embedded RTOS implementation running on the primary cores.

We are aware of MQX™ v5 which for what I understand is a RTOS which is supported for the i.MX8m. From what I can also see, the MQX™ v5 only supports drivers for USB 2.0 which is not good enough for our application.

  1. What are the possibilities of using the i.MX8 series as a deep embedded RTOS platform on the main cores.
  2. Is there a low level API for deep embedded for i.MX8 without MQX™?
  3. Will there be USB 3.0 host support in the MQX™ solution? - and how difficult will it be to implement USB 3.0 host drivers into the MQX™ solution?
  4. Do you have other processors or microcontrollers with USB 3.0 support?

Preferably we would like to use FreeRTOS for the main CPU core system.

Best regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Nicolai,

Sorry but, the I.MX8 run Freertos and MQX on M4 side not in A53 or A72 side. MQX and FreeRTOS just support USB 2.0 so far.


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