i.MX6Q eMMC v5.0/v5.1 issue

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i.MX6Q eMMC v5.0/v5.1 issue

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We have a custom board design where SPI-NOR  flash is used for bootrom and eMMC v4.41 is used for application storage (QNX operating system and data). Unfortunatelly eMMC v4.41 is obsolete and we are going to replace it with eMMC v5.0 or v5.1.

I have read everything regarding i.mx6 and eMMC including  EMMC 5.0 and EMMC 5.1 work on i.MX6 . Could you help me clear these questions? I am quite confused.

  1. Our board has SPI-NOR flash for booting source. This has nothing to do with eMMC boot issues since eMMC is not used for boot rom. I think bootrom code jumps to eMMC address after it boots from SPI-NOR flash. So we wont have eMMC issue at this point, am i correct?
  2. Our Operating System is QNX. We are not using Linux. Lets assume we booted correctly from SPI-NOR flash. Will eMMC v5.0 work in v4.41 mode with/without needing any code modification? 
  3. I have no idea if a code modification (like a linux code modification inEMMC 5.0 and EMMC 5.1 work on i.MX6 ) is possible for eMMC v5.0 to work? Do i need to check it by QNX?
  4. What should i connect to Data Strobe pin of eMMC v5.0 device? Do i need to put serial and shunt resistor terminations even if its left floating?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Mehmet Ertug Afsin,

1) Yes, if you would be booting from another source you wouldn’t require making the changes listed on the document for booting.

2,3) I would recommend checking with QNX. The eMMC should be accessible in backward compatibility mode so the eMMC 5.0 would work as an eMMC 4.41, but they would need to confirm if changes are required to the eMMC driver that they are using.

4) You may leave the Data Strobe floating as it wouldn’t be used when working in backward compatibility mode. (It is only used on the HS400 mode, introduced in the eMMC 5.0 standard)

I hope this helps!