i.MX6 solo NVCC_DRAM Current

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i.MX6 solo NVCC_DRAM Current

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The current of the NVCC_DRAM flows 1A.

Does it flow 1A with only the CPU?

The datasheet contains values combined with memory.

The CPU is connected to DDR3.

When the current flowing through the CPU was measured, it was flowing nearly 1A.(once every 5 seconds)

Is there something wrong?

I checked it from the datasheet.

i.MX 6Solo Power Consumption Measurement 

CPU + memorry : max 708.7mA

The CPU performs the following operations once every 5 seconds.

- Process load is displayed.
-Check the free space.
-Displays free disk space.
-Displays the regular use of memory.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Yasunori Ban,

Application Note 4715 contains a couple of scenarios where power consumption is measured. You can assess your specific scenario with the ones on this application note.


I would recommend that you check the power supplies if you feel the current is too high on NVCC_DRAM, especially the power of the DDR3 memory.

DRAM power calculators are typically available from the memory vendors and these take into account factors such as signal termination. This way you can see if your design falls within the expected power consumption.


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