how to enable mma8451 in imx6qp-sdb

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how to enable mma8451 in imx6qp-sdb

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Hello every one I am using imx6qp-sdb

using yocto i created boot image and kernel images its working fine

Character devices:
  1 mem
  4 /dev/vc/0
  4 tty
  5 /dev/tty
  5 /dev/console
  5 /dev/ptmx
  7 vcs
 10 misc
 13 input
 29 fb
 81 video4linux
 89 i2c
 90 mtd
116 alsa
128 ptm
136 pts
153 spi
180 usb
189 usb_device
207 ttymxc
216 rfcomm
226 drm
242 mxc_vpu
243 mxc_hdmi_cec
244 ttyGS
245 ttyLP
246 mxc_hdmi
247 watchdog
248 tee
249 iio
250 mxc_ipu
251 ptp
252 pps
253 rtc
254 gpiochip

Block devices:
  1 ramdisk
259 blkext
  7 loop
  8 sd
 31 mtdblock
 65 sd
 66 sd
 67 sd
 68 sd
 69 sd
 70 sd
 71 sd
128 sd
129 sd
130 sd
131 sd
132 sd
133 sd
134 sd
135 sd
179 mmc

These are the devices available

Now i need to up the accelerometer (mma8451 using i2c-1(located in /dev)

how to write application for this mma8451  and how to enable that driver and how to read the values of accelerometer using this mma8451.

please help me to write application which can work imx6qp-sdp



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


The accelerometer can be programmed through I2C interface, you can see the driver in the below path:


Furthermore, you can follow the example that we have to program the sensor in our Freedom board, the only difference is the interface, but the steps to program it is the same. It will be up to you the way to implement the examples that we provide.

MMA8451Q - Bare metal example project 

Hope this information can help you.

Best Regards,