android HDMI problems ( sound, video )

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android HDMI problems ( sound, video )

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I faced with some problems with HDMI in jb-4.2.2-1.1.0.

our board is customized board based on sabrelite. but, we don't touch anything on HDMI.

so i guess, it might be the same in sabrelite.


android HDMI,

first time using android, HDMI does not work at all,

but i found there is default value for sound output so i changed the default output to HDMI.

and recompiled android. it works well.

but, the problems i found were.

1. if HDMI connection is made after android bootup, then HDMI not work.

2. if HDMI is disconnected after bootup, and then connect again ?

it seems HDMI back, but sometimes very unstable,

and if i do connect -> disconnect -> connect then, HDMI display is blinking and very unstable.

3. HDMI sound will be gone. if i disconnect and connect HDMI while playing a video clip.

at that time, if i pause it for couple of seconds and play it again. then sound will be back.

4. HDMI sound is crackling (I can hardly recognize the sound, like echoing ? noising ?)

this is very strange thing i've ever had. this symptom is happened after around 50 Minutes playing of one video clip.

so if you want to reproduce this issue, you need a video clip that plays more than 1 hour.

at that time, if i pause it around 5 seconds and play it again. then HDMI sound is working normally but just another 50 minutes.

i think above things are very basic functions but the issues are very critical,

i can't find anything regarding these issues in the community.

(it means others are all OK ? huh ?)

FYI, i tested same things in the latest yocto embedded image, and but no problems at all, work nicely.

and the video clip i tested with is "The.Avengers.2012.DVDRip.720p-speedcore {darkcoreRG}.mp4"

actually, we usually work with yocto, but, one of our buyer wants to test anroid.

but, with these issues, we feel just desperated.

any helps would be very very appreciated.

Dennis han.

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You need to backport this fix

linux-2.6-imx.git - Freescale i.MX Linux Tree

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Thanks for chasing this down, Frédéric.

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We have the same problem with Android 4.3 running on a spinoff of a Nitrogen6x, about the sound being garbled after 50 minutes

Have you found a solution?

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Hi Dennis,

I answered you on our blog as well, but I've been able to confirm #4 above with JB 4.3 with a different video file that I created by duplicating a small video here.<br/><br/>

At roughly 50:42, the HDMI audio started stuttering, and this persisted until I hit <pause> (including when it should have been silent).

When I resumed (after things did go silent), the audio returned to normal.

At the moment, I believe that this is being caused by some form of numeric overflow, but I'm not sure where.

The output of logcat showed that the audio when silent when the device was closed in do_out_standby and resumed normally when re-opened:

  ...noise up to this point:

W/audio_hw_primary( 2432): do_out_standby... 1073940320 resumed and sounded normal here: I/OMXPlayer( 2432): Resume player. W/audio_hw_primary( 2432): start_output_stream... 1073940320, device 2 W/audio_hw_primary( 2432): select_output_device: headphone 0 ,headset 0 ,speaker 2, earpiece 0, W/audio_hw_primary( 2432): get_card_for_device: HDMI(1) W/audio_hw_primary( 2432): start_output_stream_primary: card 1, port 0 device 0x2 W/audio_hw_primary( 2432): start_output_stream_primary: rate 44100, channel 2 period_size 0x300

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