WEC7: iMX51_EVK_Mobility OS Design: Removing touch calibration utility (touchc.exe) from running at OS bootup

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WEC7: iMX51_EVK_Mobility OS Design: Removing touch calibration utility (touchc.exe) from running at OS bootup

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Can't figure out how to keep the touch calibration routine from running for the Windows Embedded Compact 7 workspace/osdesign iMX51_EVK_Mobility.  For other iMX workspaces (MX28 and MX31) the platform.reg file at C:\WINCE700\platform\<platform name>\FILES can be edited and the touchc.exe launch can be commented out.  This launch statement does not exist for the iMX51_EVK platform in its platform.reg file  I've done a search on all WINCE700 files and not been able to find it in any other file either.

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Was able to get this working myself.  Found that the touch calibration utility is run as part of the welcome app.  I think the welcome app is welcome.exe.  Unfortunately, I did not find this filename searching all of the WINCE700 files.  I expected it to be part of a Launch statement in a registry file.  Anyway, I copied the following section from the IMX313DS platform's registry file (stored at C:\WINCE700\platform\IMX313DS\FILES\platform.reg) to the iMX51 EVK platform registry file (stored at C:\WINCE700\platform\IMX51_EVK\FILES\platform.reg).


"CalibrationData"="507,507 224,782 221,235 798,233 802,790"

; Welcome.exe: Disable tutorial and calibration pages because we already

; have the necessary calibration data.

; Touch calibration (0x02), Stylus (0x04), Popup menu (0x08),

; Timezone (0x10), Complete (0x20)




Placed the above section of code in the iMX51 EVK's platform.reg file just before the following section of code:

; For double-tap default setting





I came up with the CalibrationData values by doing the following:

-1-  Booted up OS image with the touch calibration utility on so I could calibrate the TFT Display.

-2-  After ActiveSync came up, I connected to the EVK using the remote registry tool in VS 2008 (Tools --> Remote Tools --> Registry Editor).

-3- Went to the HARDWARE --> TOUCH section of the registry to see the calibration data.

-4- Copied down the data and then added it to the BSP_PRECAL section of code above.

-5- Rebuilt the OS (via a sysgen).

-6- Reloaded NK.bin onto my SD Card.

-7- Rebooted EVK.  WEC7 OS image booted without the touchscreen calibration routine executing.  Tested the calibration data by selecting a few items on the WEC7 desktop.  This verified that my calibration data stored in platform.reg was valid.

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