Status of DirectX support in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

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Status of DirectX support in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

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Hi all,


I have a question about the status of support DirectX in Windows 10 IoT enterprise v1.4 BSP which is released by NXP.


We checked the support status of it by "dxdiag" and got the following result.

lDirect3D DDI  ⇒Unknown

lFearture Levels  ⇒ 9_3, 9_2, 9_1

lDirectDraw Accel  ⇒ Not Avail

lDirect 3D Accel  ⇒ Not Avail

lAGP Texture Accel  ⇒ Not Avail


Do these results match the specifications expected by NXP?




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

got answer from MSFT from Indy :

   "This is what we should expect.

   The most important info here is Feature Levels of 9_3, 9_2, 9_1

   It indicates that we have D3D11 support.

   dxdiag has its limitations as an app, D3D11 Feature Level 9_X can be supported by D3D9 driver (via a 11on9 translator) or D3D11 FL 9_X driver directly, dxdiag has no way to tell this level of detail.

   DirectDraw and AGP are obsolete technologies, we don't need to worry about them (oddly the they are shown as Enabled on my board)

   We are working on the D3D9 driver and my build includes it, but I also see "Direct3D Acceleration" as Disabled.

   This could depend on if dxdiag checks for D3D8 and D3D7 support, which we don't plan to support.

   Our symbol server is down, so I will need to check this out later if you need to know for sure."

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