Porting dirana3 xtensa xplorer project to dione plateform

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Porting dirana3 xtensa xplorer project to dione plateform

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I am trying to build a project destinated to the NXP DIONE plateform using Xtensa Xplorer (Tensilica/Cadence). I correclty installed the configuration for Xplorer (intitled cardsp_hifi2_rf_2015_2_win32_redist.tgz).

Then, I imported a former project that used to worke correctty. However this project was build with Dirana3 configuration.

I updated paths and libraries links to point on the new SDK DIONE and on my libraries.

To be more specific, my project

current workspace path  : C:\Hifi2\DIONE\Project


The structure of the project is like this 

// libs




// project containning main.c (should link with the libs)


libs are linked to app project during compilation. Indeed, in the buid properties of "app" project, the build command is


Compiler:  -g  -O0  -Wall  -I"C:/usr/NXP/Dione-SDK/R8.0.0/inc"





When I build got "weird" error like  

warning: implicit declaration of function 'strnicmp' /     undefined reference to `strnicmp'

Weird because, my project used to work on previous configuration for Dirana3. If you have any idea that I can try let me know.

Thank in advance.

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