Manage WiFi Connectivity from C code

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Manage WiFi Connectivity from C code

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I am developing a tiny IoT device which is based on the i.MX8 nano.

Currently i am using the NXP evaluation kit that supports the i.MX8 nano.

My goal is to build a tiny embedded Linux distribution with Yocto that provides

A console only image that fully supports the target device hardware (NO X11 \ XWayland)

I would like to hear suggestion \ recommendation how can i manage the WiFi connectivity from c code by using APIs. 

Managing the WiFi connectivity tasks could be:

Switching from WiFi hot-spot to WiFi client mode, get notification about connection \ disconnection events and so on.

Is it possible to use Network Manager?



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You can check this blog on the Murata Forum: This details the process of getting both AP and STA up and running with Murata modules. You can create a script to control wpa_supplicant and hostapd s per your requirement.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Nissim,

The WiFi module can be setup from the terminal, by using the wpa supplicant to instruct to which network to connect and what password to use. You may find step by step instructions on how to do this on the following i.MX8MM Hands on Lab Guide (I would recommend that you download the PDF attached to this Community Document as the preview pane may show formatting errors) 

Please look for the Connecting WifI section in page 23.

This would be the easiest way to control the Wifi module for your application. If you would like to go more in-depth I would recommend looking at the documentation from the WiFi module which is a Type 1MW from Murata. There is good documentation on their page.

I hope this helps!


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