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MX8MM imxvideocompositor_g2d

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Hi, I have a pipeline that grabs live video from v4l2src. The video is then split into 3 branches (with a tee) : 1) video with original resolution 2) video zoom 3) webrtcbin. 1) + 2) are merged with imxg2dcompositor_gd2 and put in waylandsink. Each branch of the tee has a queue with leaky option to overcome the webrtcbin behavior that blocks until sdp offer and answer are properly set (I need to see video on wayland also if no one connects to webrtc...). All works well until webrtc answer is set. It happens that internal stream error is issued by v4l2src.

If I use sw compositor the pipeline works, but, of course, fps is very low.

I'm using latest version of sdk 5.10.y with imx-gst1.0-plugin version 4.6.0-r0


Any suggestion/help ?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello angeloaresi,

We haven´t try webrtc, but from some costumer they use jitsyand has try and it works nicely you can try as well:




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