MFG Tool for Custom Boards

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MFG Tool for Custom Boards

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Hi team 

We made our  customized board based on iMX6  solo how  we  can flash  our  board  with MFGTOOL . How  we can do that that ? 

2) Do  we  need  to make  any  changesin MFGTOOL ? if  yes please  provide us any document  which expalin procedure with example .

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



If using an older MFGTool you may need to do some changes to uboot and/or kernel, you can refer to the MFGTool documentation Manufacturing Tool V2 Linux or Android Firmware Development Guide V2 for configurations needed and Manufacturing Tool V2 Quick Start Guide for examples on how to use this tool, they are located at:
<MFGTool path>\Document\V2


Hope this helps,

Best regards,


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