Issues when I boot via nfs - IMX6 Linux embedded

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Issues when I boot via nfs - IMX6 Linux embedded

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I am working with a IMX6 digi SBC. I have building the OS linux embedded with Yocto project 2.4. Kernel version 4.9.

The system is working very well when I update it form sddr memory. But when I want to boot from tftf ans nfs I have some issues. First I have permissions problem, so I changed permissions in nfs floder, I did chmod 777 /exportNFSroot. Then de system boot fine but some folders and files have user and group changed, with nogroup, so some process doesnt work. 

How can I boot via NFS without change permissions folder?

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Hi emmanuel perea,

Please follow steps from below link for nfs & tftp boot, and let us know if you still face any issue.

Boot I.MX6q SABRE over the Network using TFTP and NFS  

Yocto NFS & TFTP boot 


Karan Gajjar

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