Is it possible to reset the video subsystem

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Is it possible to reset the video subsystem

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I have a product built on the i.MX6 DL. The display we're using connects via DVI to our board and makes use of the mxc_hdmi driver code. Occasionally the display gets into a state where it requires the display driver to be reset. A reset of the board works, but I'm trying to avoid a full reset. Is it possible to reset the display driver/video subsystem of just Linux/mxc_hdmi without having to reset the whole system?

Ideally I'd like some handle to change within Linux, but I'm willing to patch the kernel source if there's a good way this could be done from within the mxc_hdmi driver itself.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Michael,

Yes, it is possible to reset the eLCD controller.

Take a look at this commit I did for the mainline kernel: 

You will need to adapt it to your kernel version though.

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