[Immersiv3D AudioFramework] : [DECODER] pad push error -2

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[Immersiv3D AudioFramework] : [DECODER] pad push error -2

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Dear all

For an audio post processing application, I had to use a chunk size of 512.

So in the /usr/local/share/rest/default.rest file, I modified the following line :

PUT pipeline0/pipeline.elt/0/ppa_head=ssrc0&ppa_tail=dap0&ppa_chunk_size=256&ppa_chunk_bitwidth=32&ppa_enabled=1

--- TO --->

PUT pipeline0/pipeline.elt/0/ppa_head=ssrc0&ppa_tail=dap0&ppa_chunk_size=512&ppa_chunk_bitwidth=32&ppa_enabled=1

On making the above changes and while playing audio WAV files through alsa-player (aplay -D plughw:1,0 <WAVE.file.name>), I get the following error messages from Little Kernel. [There are NO crashes though.]:

00123.057648] AF_CP > 00:02:03: (57 ms) CP: INFO - CP_STATE_PIPE_CONFIG->CP_STATE_TX_ACTIVATING
[00123.057651] Streamer 107635952 > 00:02:03: (57 ms) STREAMER INFO [DECODER] DEC_INFO_RSP
[00123.057656] Streamer 107635952 > 00:02:03: (57 ms) STREAMER INFO DEC_STATE_SUSPENDED->DEC_STATE_ACTIVE
[00123.057665] Streamer 107635952 > 00:02:03: (57 ms) STREAMER WARNING 0x0000000000000010 0x10 [PP] Discard block (state:PP_STATE_IDLE)
[00123.057671] Streamer 107635952 > 00:02:03: (57 ms) STREAMER ERROR 0x00000000fffffffe 0xfffffffe [DECODER] pad push error -2 107684952

Kindly let me know how this error could be resolved.

Please also point me to the appropriate documentation or web resource, detailing these error codes.

Thanks and regards


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Vinay,

Can you please contact your local Sales from NXP,  he can help you to get access to a private community that Sony has for this project.  Since the Software it is not ready yet,  I am not able to provide help.

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