How to configure Memory Bus LCD on MX53 platform

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How to configure Memory Bus LCD on MX53 platform

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Hi everyone,

I am porting a memory bus LCD for MX53. The LCD driver is ILI9320. We use DI0 (CS1) display 0 on the DI connection. I use DC channel 8 for the part of command control and channel 6 for the part of display content update. I cannot get data out from channel 8, can anyone help?

I have selected NEW_DATA_W_0, NEW_DATA_W_1, NEW_DATA_R_0, NEW_DATA_R_1 for the events to trigger channel 8. I have set the MCU_T to 13, so that I can use physical address 0x18000000 to access the external memory via channel 8. Because of physical to virtual memory mapping, 0x18000000 is mapped to VA 0x38000000. However, there is no signal come out when I access 0x38000000. Could anyone tell me how to make it work?

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