General questions regarding Qvfb on Embedded Linux

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General questions regarding Qvfb on Embedded Linux

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I've read a lot of interesting posts and articles about virtual framebuffer and how to use it, but I'm still unclear as to what I can do for me, leading me to ask a few questions:
  1. Does the virtual framebuffer work only with X Window System? Does it mean that when using qt-embedded.spec, available in the LTIB, qvfb will not work?
  2. Is it correct to say that Qvfb allow to run an application on the target and display the application gui on the host and use keyboard + mouse of the host? That means that qvfb will always run on the host?
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I don't use qvfb, maybe I'm wrong, but i think that it is a tool that run on x-window system for simulate the resolution and the parameter of the target, but all is running on the host.

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