About software requirements for ISP Tuning

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About software requirements for ISP Tuning

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As mentioned in the ISP Calibration Toolkit User's Guide:

14.1.2 Software Requirements

1.Vivante ISP software release version 1.0.0.

2.Vivante ISP Calibration Tool Suite

3.Vivante ISP Tuning Tools software release version 3.0 or later

I want to know what is the use of the first software, where I can get it.

My development board model is 8MPLUS-BB.

By the way, I need to load the module's drv file in ISP Tuning Tools software . where I can get it?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

for ISP calibration tools, We have 4 partner enabled for this service. Basler, Nomicam ( Also through Pro support), Lantronix, Innowave. pls contact them to get further help

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