ADTJA1101 Automotive Ethernet Adapter Board with i.MX8

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ADTJA1101 Automotive Ethernet Adapter Board with i.MX8

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Is it possible to connect ADTJA1101 adapter with any of the I.MX8 Eval boards using RMII SABRE connector?

Please suggest which imx8 eval board can be used.Also, I would be running Linux on imx8. So are there any Linux drivers available to support TJA1101 PHY.

Also, if no imx8 eval board available with this support, then please suggest the easiest way to integrate TJA1101 phy with imx8 - esp without doing any custom hardware.

In my application, I want to connect imx8 to a gateway via 100BaseT1.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello anurags,

It is planned to TJA1101 to connect to a board of MX8 but still not possible, It adapts to micro controller development boards with SABRE connector, e.g. S32K148EVB, Drivers are fully pre-integrated in the Software Development Kit of S32K148 for plug-and-play connectivity out of the box. if want to know more please visit:





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